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Contour Series Blades
Made of thick pressed fiber board w/blunt end at the end of the blade, also w/multi layers of satin sealant.  These are found on most fans in today's marketplace.  
52" Blade Span
Fit CXL Series Fans
B552C   AG
B552C   AW
B552C   NA
B552C   BN
B552C  CR  
B552C  EO   
B552C  FB   
B552C  W 
B552C  MA   
B552C   MP
B552C  OB   
B552C   PCN
B552C   RW3
B552C   AG
B552C  WB6 

More 52" Blade Options:
52" Standard Blades
B552S Barn Red  
B552S HVD Black Barn Red
B552S HVD Black Mustard
B552S HVD Black Cranberry  
B552S Cranberry  
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Reversible HVD Distressed Black 2/Colors         NOTE:  other colors available from color card.