CXL52   Plain Jane Collection            

Fan Features:
  • Heavy Duty  3 Speed Reversible Motor
  • 3" and 6" Downrods (Included)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Set of 5 Blades  Optional blade span sizes 
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Compare: 36" to 48" ceiling fans have airflow efficiencies ranging from approximately 71 to 86 cubic feet per minute per watt at high speed.
  • Compare: 49" to 60" ceiling fans have airflow efficiencies ranging from approximately 51 to 176 cubic feet per minute per watt at high speed.

    10' X 10' = 100 square feet use a 44" fans  
    15' x 15' = 225 square feet use a 52" or 54" fans  
    20' x 20' = 400 square feet use a 56" 
    **Over 400 square feet use 2 fans 52" or 56"

For optimum performance, the fan should be placed as close as possible to the center of the room. Blade tips should be at least 12" from any wall. For long or great rooms of over 400 square feet consider more than one fan to get max efficiency of air flow.

  • Blade Span Options:    44"      52"    54"     56"   All information is in the price lists to pick out blades
  • Number of Blades:  5 
  • Blade Pitch:  14°
  • Motor Size (mm):  188 x 15
  • Amps (High Speed):  0.7 
  • Watts-Electricity Use* (High Speed):  76 
  • Airflow* (Cubic Feet per Minute):  6503
  • Airflow Efficiency* (Cubic Feet per Minute per Watt):  86

Fan Drop Dimensions:   

How Close to the Wall/Floor?:         

Sloped Ceiling Adapter:             

ICS Wall/Remote Conversion Kit:  (Reverses from summer to winter)

Extension Downrods Available:    
 Low ceiling application  3" downrod   included in fan
  •  9'  ceiling use  6" downrod    included in fan. 
  • 10' ceiling use  12" downrod    $  18.00         
  • 12' ceiling use  18" downrod    $  25.00                  
                         24" downrod    $  29.00                 
  • 14' ceiling use  36" downrod    $  38.00                 
  • 16' ceiling use  48" downrod   $  45.00                 
  • 18' ceiling use  60" downrod    $  60.00                 
  • 20' ceiling use  72" downrod    $  72.00                  

Need extension downrod longer than 72"       

Plain Jane Collection Manchester Series
Blades are included in price below.
You may add a light kit to these fans  "additional charge applies".

"A" Price List Below
Fans W/Stated above finishes:   w/"No" Painted Finishes on Blades
ex:  Walnut, Dark Oak, Medium Oak, Cherry, 
Prices below:

FAN WITH/44" BLADE SPAN   CXL52 PJ /B544S   $238.00  5  PJB Standard Blades
FAN WITH/44" BLADE SPAN   CXL52 PJ /B544S   $238.00    5 PJB Custom Wood Blades

FAN WITH/52" BLADE SPAN   CXL52 PJ /B552S   $258.00   5 PJB Standard Blades
FAN WITH/52" BLADE SPAN   CXL52 PJ /B552S  $258.00   5 PJB Custom Wood Blades
FAN WITH/52" BLADE SPAN   CXL52 PJ /B552C  $258.00  5 PJB Contour Blades New Blades
FAN WITH/52" BLADE SPAN   CXL52 PJ /B552P   $258.00    5 PJB Plus Series Blades

FAN WITH/​​54" BLADE SPAN  CXL52 PJ/B554PD  $350.00   5 PJB Premier Rustic Blades

FAN WITH/56" BLADE SPAN  CXL52 PJ /B556S  $258.00   5 PJB Standard Blades
FAN WITH/56" BLADE SPAN  CXL52 PJ /B556S  $258.00  5 PJB Custom Wood Blades

All merchandise must be ordered by phone due to questions that may be asked to complete your order, our representative will be glad to assist you 
please call toll free 866-856-2317.

 Plain Jane Collection "ONLY"
  CXL52PJ Series Fan  

These fans are the original finishes that are shipped directly to us. 
NO Rustic Country Trim, NO Rustic Brown Trim or NO Heavy Distressed Black Painted Blades.
What you see and read is what you get.  (NO EXTRA COLORS ON FANS)
Garbers Crafted Lighting
"quality handcrafted lighting"
Toll Free:   866-856-2317
CXL52PJ Aged Gavanized 
W/B552S Flat Black Blades
CXL52PJ  Aged Bronze  W/B552S Aged Bronze Blades
CXL52PJ Flat Black
W/B552S Flat Black Blades
CXL52PJ Brushed Nickel 
W/B552S Brushed Nickel Blades
CXL52PJ Antique White W/B552S Antique White Blades
CXL52PJ Oiled Bronze
W/Oiled Bronze Blades

CXL52PJ White
W/B552S White Blades
CXL52PJ Brushed Polished Nickel
W/B552S Brushed Satin Nickel Blades
A:  2"  DR - 11.375"         B:  2"  DR  - 9.5"
A:  6"  DR - 15.375"         B:  6"  DR  - 13.5"
C:  11.5"                           D:  5.125"
E:  4.5"                            DR - Downrod
Sloped Ceiling Application
Flat Ceiling Application
Sloped Ceiling Adapter    up to 23 degree slope. 
AD45     $18.00
"Additional Charge"
Sloped Ceiling Adapter    up to 45 degree slope.
SA130     $22.00
 "Additional Charge"
ICS CXL Wall/Remote Conversion Kit:    Kit supplied with Sender, Receiver and  CXL Series Fan Switch Housing Hub 

A replacement hub converts the fan to wall or remote control option Both systems adjust Fan Speed AjustmentFan Direction and Light Intensity.  ( for non CFL lamps)
Fits CXL52 Series Fan 
Wall/Remote Control
  •  CXL-ICS Wall/Remote Control System                                         $98.00 
  • 3 Speed Fan Control and reverse
  • Light/On/Off or 300 Watt Full Range Dimming  -- (Dimming features for non-CFL lamps)
  • 1.5 Amp (One fan per control system).
  • ICS Wall Control with 3 Decorator Style Faceplate inserts  (Almond, White, Black)
  • ICS CLAMSHELL included to convert your wall control to a Handheld remote control.
  • Replacement Hub included
  • 1-12V Battery included
  • Large Decorator Style Switch Plate Included (White)   
  • 1-12volt battery included                                                                                                       

Representative will be glad to assist you, please call 
             toll free 866-856-2317 ​
These fan are made in China.
CFDC Extension Coupler :     $18.00
  • Used to attach 2 extension downrods together  ex:  72" to a 12" downrod
  • Metal Finish will be same as Rustic Country, Rust Brown, etc.
CXL52PJ Aged Galvanized Steel
W/B552S Walnut Blades
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