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In the year of 1969 my husband Robert started working with a friend of his in Pennsylvania, making handcrafted Early American Lighting.  His apprenticeship grew until 1976 when he decided to strike it out on his own.  Robert and I started Garber's Crafted Lighting in the basement of our home in Pennsylvania.   We were making a number of different types of lighting from outdoor to punched tin chandeliers to punched hanging shades, kitchen island shades, wall scouces and small gift items.  Then we moved from Pennsylvania to Arkansas on his father's homestead.  

As the years passed, everyday life had away of changing.  In the fall of 1997, an auto accident nearly killed my husband and I.  Things weren't getting back to normal where my husband was concerned, his injuries were severe enough to close the business down.

In the meantime, I was working outside the home for awhile but didn't like what I was experiencing as an employee.  In January 2001, I made a decision to quit that job and strike it out on my own.  By January 1, 2001, I reopened the workshop and expanded to the wooden chandeliers, ceiling fans, light kits plus....... doing it myself and being able to stay home with my husband of 46 years.  With a little help, I am handcrafting once again.  (Even though this happened over 21 years ago he still has a lot of pain that never has went away, but then again, he is there for me when I need help and encouragement.)   In 2018, I am going to try and incorporate more punched tin light kits and add hanging shades also.  I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoy making the products that are on this website.  

Diane Garber, owner
Toll Free: 866-856-2317
Last Updated: 6/14/2018
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Garbers Crafted Lighting
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